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June 2012
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Monday June 11 : 4 Days and Counting
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Today I began to realize that I am heading out for Paddle Georgia on Friday.  Thus begins the ritual that I don’t quite have perfected yet. Checked the first aid kit, every OTC medication has expired so a refresh is in order.  Paddle Georgia is to my perishables in the first aid kit what daylight savings time is to smoke detector batteries. I also started pulling the things I REALLY need for the trip.  Every Paddle Georgia I have been on to date has resulted in me packing way too much stuff.  This year I vow it will be different. I am starting to stage items that are essential:
1. PFD with 2 carabiners and 2 prusik loops. I don’t plan on any swiftwater rescues or boat extractions on the Altamaha but every time you take one of these classes you want to ensure you are prepared for anything.  I had a similar experience with my Wilderness First Aid  training, by the time I got done with that class it was obvious my kit needed to be upgraded.
2. Paddles (bought a lighter one this year) The other paddle is in case you lose the first one, it does happen and its a loooong way to an outfitter  on the Altamaha.
3. Kayak (always a bummer when you forget the boat, more on my old friend in a later post)
4. Gel Seat (OK maybe not essential but a wise man once told me never to apologize for certain creature comforts enjoyed while paddling)
5. Waterproof lunch bag. (again not essential but you always get your lunch in a paper sack and I would always get it wet before it was time to eat)  I found a really neat one at the LL Bean Outlet in NH. It is actually something for fishing I think but looks like a fanny pack which is probably why it was on sale at the outlet.  What self respecting fisherman would be caught wearing a fanny pack?
6. Throw bag.  I have used this so much in practice I will never paddle without one.  One of the best tools we have for river safety in my opinion.

That’s is it for today, let me know your comments or suggestions for the blog.


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Paddle Georgia 2012
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Photo by Glen Smith

I have never done a blog before so I thought I would give it a shot starting with Paddle Georgia 2012.  Feel free to check in here for a summary of each days paddling adventures.  I will also post here in the days leading up to Paddle Georgia. That’s me above in my Jackson Rogue 10.  The Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 gets to do Paddle Georgia 2012, more on that boat later.

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