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July 2018
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Smoke and Mirrors Part 1
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We explored the Rayonier discharge into the Altamaha a bit and discussed manufacturing in the US in  previous posts.  The Altamaha Riverkeeper and Georgia River Network have provided me with some great source material.  I have read through some of the documents and have learned a lot over the last week. The very first thing I would like each of my readers to do is go to the Rayonier website.  Watch the video at the top of the page in its entirety. There have been very few actual comments posted so before I go any further with this discussion please take a moment to watch the video, read my previous posts and review the material related to the Rayonier discharge on the Altamaha Riverkeepers site

I would next ask that you compare the video from Rayonier website and what is said to what is actually happening at the Jesup plant and to this news video.  If you were a Paddle Georgia participant this year please comment on your impressions while paddling through this area.  I have more to share but I would like some dialog to be generated by this entry before continuing the discussion. My hope is that this discussion will lead us to raised awareness and result in a focused, informed letter writing campaign to EPD, Rayonier and others to clean up the discharge.

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  1. Alan Kendall Says:
    I agree with your assessment. The issue now is to use updated technology available to set a higher standard during the review of the permit. If I understand the current permit is from when the plant was built. So the focus should be on getting Rayonier to invest the dollars to be a better corporate citizen. But unless pressure is put on via the permitting process Rayonier will likely not raise their level of treatment to a higher water quality then required. And the struggle is the plant is the economic engine of Jesup and Wayne county. Without it the community probably dies. That does not give them a pass on doing a better job it just means the politics of this will be a major factor. I lived in Maine for two years. I was first hand what untreated waste water from plants looked like in the early 70s. Rayonier is better then that but not as good as it could or needs to be. And the smell…..even with treated water the smell will always be there.

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