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July 2018
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Thursday June 14 ONE day and Counting!
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Totally missed a posting yesterday while working on disengagement. I really have not said anything about the river I will be paddling next week so today that is what we will explore.  Originally the trip was to start on the Ohoopee River and then flow into the Altamaha.  Due to low water levels the decision was made to add two more days further back on the Altamaha.

I don’t mind a challenge but I have to say that all the discussion of deadfall on the Ohoopee was giving me pause.  My very first Paddle Georgia experience was on the Flint River for two days at very low water levels and let’s just say it was “interesting”. That is the way a good river trip is though, you never really know what to expect from year to year or day to day. It is part of the appeal and at the same time why some folks, I suspect, only do Paddle Georgia once. The rivers we paddle are not amusement parks or tourist attractions.  Paddle Georgia is about experiencing a particular river as it exists and the river makes no accommodations for casual visitors. The Paddle Georgia Navy will systematically makes its way down 105 miles of the Altamaha from Reidsville to Darien despite any obstacles we may encounter. There are no portages since the Altamaha flows freely to the Atlantic Ocean for the entire 137 miles from its origin at the confluence of the Oconee River and the Ocmulgee River.  I am finishing up my reading of “Drifting Into Darien, A Personal and Natural History of the Altamaha River” by Janisse Ray. I am really enjoying the read and the book provides great historical and personal context to the Altamaha River. I like to know some of the history of the rivers I paddle, and can often picture activity from the past as I paddle in the present. With one more day to go before heading to Reidsville  I am, as expected, behind in packing but I know it will get done and the adventure will begin tomorrow morning.

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